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Y2000 – Construction Disc

The massive frame of the Wishek Y2000 Offset Disc is engineered to withstand the toughest conditions on the construction site. Its industry-leading blade size and high bearing-to-blade ratio is designed for superior reliability, helping get the job done on time. Additionally, it can be positioned on a trailer fully assembled for easy transport to and from the worksite.

Heavy Tubular Frame

A 4 x 12 x 3/8 in (10.2 x 30.5 x 1 cm) tubular welded frame not only offers rugged durability, but it also helps provide the weight needed to penetrate tough ground.

Large-Diameter Notched Blades

The large, 36-in-diameter (91.4 cm) notched blades are ideal for breaking up ground up to 9 in (22.9 cm) deep.

Blade Scrapers

The Construction Disc comes standard with specialized scrapers for the blades, bearings and spools. These scrapers help optimize performance of the disc by keeping the gangs free of mud build-up.

Bearing Guards and Washers

To maximize reliability, the disc bearings are equipped with guards and washers, helping prevent dirt and other debris from entering.

Rigid Bearing Gangs

The rigid gangs are easily replaceable and offer years of dependable service.

Manual or Hydraulic Levelling Screws

The disc can be levelled front-to-back manually with levelling screws. A hydraulic option allows this task to be performed from the cab.


Standard Equipment
  • 4 x 12 x .375 in (10.2 x 30.5 x 1 cm) Tubular Welded Frame
  • 4 x 6 x .5 in (10.2 x 15.2 x 1.3 cm) Tubular Welded Hitch
  • Hydraulically Adjustable Running Gear
  • VF385/65R22.5 Tires w/10-Bolt Hubs
  • 2,000 lb (907.2 kg) Hitch Jack
  • 40,000 lb (18,143.7 kg) Safety Chain (22-30 ft) (6.7-9.1 m)
  • Hydraulic Hose Holder
  • Hazard & Brake Lighting/SMV Kit
Levelling Components
  • Manual or Hydraulic Levelling Screws
  • 18 in (45.7 cm) Blade Spacing
  • 36 in (91.4 cm) Notched Blades
  • Rigid Mounting
  • Angle Adjustment
  • 2.75 in (7 cm) Shafts
  • Tightening Wrenches
  • 315 Series Re-Lube Bearings
  • Blade Scrapers
  • Bearing Guards



Model Number
Cutting Width, ft (m)
# of Bearings
# of Blades
Transport Width, ft (m)
Transport Height, ft (m)
Weight per Blade, lbs (kg)
Weight per Foot, lbs (kg)
Approx. Weight, lbs (kg)
Y2000 – 1011.8 (3.6)88F, 8R12.75 (3.9)8.33 (2.5)935