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About Wishek

History of Innovation

Wishek Steel and Manufacturing was founded in 1969 by Harley and Carol Brandner, as a welding, repair, and custom manufacturing shop. In 1972, with business increasing, a new and more modern facility was constructed in the southwest part of Wishek, N.D. With the arrival of the famous “Wishek Disk,” that building was also expanded in size to accommodate the increased business and additional people needed.

In 1988, Wishek Steel purchased the feed and forage line of equipment from Balzer Manufacturing in Mountain Lake, Minn. In 1992, Wishek Steel purchased the entire ag line of tillage equipment from Miller Weeder Corporation of Stratton, Neb., and moved it to the plant in Wishek. With the increased activity, it was time to expand the existing buildings. The year 1995 brought another change to Wishek Steel. Kim and Mitch Bosch (daughter and son-in-law) and family were brought into the business. In 2003, the business ownership was transferred to the Bosch family, and Harley and Carol started the new adventure of a well-deserved retirement.

In 2015, Wishek tillage equipment manufacturing was moved to Wahpeton, ND to be built alongside the Wil-Rich and Concord brands of equipment.

In 2021, the Wishek line of equipment and sister brands Wil-Rich and Concord were purchased by Väderstad AB of Sweden. Väderstad’s colorful history dates back to the early 60s, and has ever since been characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, the creation of ingenious farm machinery, and a strong drive to rationalize farming methods. The company now known as Vaderstad Inc., will continue to innovate and provide the high-quality products and levels of service and support that the Wishek name has been known for in the quest to be the world’s leading partner for an outstanding emergence.